Former Councillor Ron Whittaker - Profile - People Before Politics

Former Councillor Ron Whittaker - Profile - People Before Politics

It is with sadness that we report the sad passing of our dear Ron. He died in Bournemouth Hospital on the 10th September 2015 at the age of 71. He'd been battling an illness for nearly 2 years and fought very bravely. Thankfully he was to see his Scroll for the Hon Freemanship of the Borough which he was awarded back in April at his last Full Council meeting. On Tuesday 15th September 2015 the Council honoured Ron with the Hon. Aldermanship.

Ron served his town for nearly 44 years and was truly dedicated especially to the people of Throop and Muscliff. I have known Ron for over 45 years and have worked with him on the Council since I was elected in 1991. Thank you Ron for all that you have done for your town you will be missed very much by so many people.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife Jackie and his family.

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Councillor Ron Whittaker was born in St. Clements Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth and has lived and worked all his life in Bournemouth.

Ron started his working life on the railways, after leaving Oakmead Boys School, as a cleaner then being promoted to footplate fireman on Steam Trains. Then he went on to establish himself with a 26 year career in The Dorset Ambulance Service. Ron now works part-time for a small well run Independent family Funeral Business George Scott who have offices in Kinson and Boscombe.

Ron was first elected as a Councillor to the Throop and Muscliff ward in Bournemouth (then known as Moordown North ward) in 1971. He has held the seat continually for the past 40 years. He was also elected to Dorset County Council in 1973 until the reorganisation of local government in 1997. Ron is proud to have been elected as The Mayor of Bournemouth in 1993/94. Ron met his lovely partner, Jackie when Mayor.

He is a Governor of Muscliff Primary School, Shillingstone Drive, Bournemouth. He also serves on the Planning Board, Environment and Transport Panel and Local Development Framework Panel of Bournemouth Borough Council.

Ron still maintains his interest in steam engines and is lucky to have special happy memories and photos of those better days. Here are some photos of Ron's early career.

Had the two of Wimborne station and signal box taken of again plus the former West Station where all those trains via Poole / Broadstone / Wimborne / West Moors / Ringwood to Brockenhurst, what was then known as the old road, happy days, imagine now having that route with all its endless traffic problems on the roads, all taken in the mid 60s, plus myself sitting in the driver's seat, have many happy memories of when we all loved our jobs.

Wimborne Station and Signal Box

His interest remains to see the area of the Muscliff and Throop ward retain its very special place as a beautiful and peaceful part of the Stour Valley Countryside. He would like to help secure Throop Mill as an open visitor attraction.