Traffic Speeds on Shillingstone Drive

Reply by Councillor Ronald Whittaker

11th November 2009

RE: Traffic Speeds on Shillingstone Drive


Many thanks, any support here for a fixed camera, and my request for red hatch markings as per Muscliffe lane, thank you,

E-mail from Inspector Mike Claxton - Dorset Police to James Duncan, Councillor Ronald Whittaker, Councillor Anne Rey and Councillor Derek Borthwick

11th November 2009

RE: Traffic Speeds on Shillingstone Drive

I have read through the spreadsheet stats, and discussed this briefly with James Duncan. I would support any use of a roadside sign to heighten awareness of the speed limit. I will also discuss with Damian and Anna (Safer Neighbourhood Team) about continued work with the schools around speed awareness, as well as enforcement on an ad hoc basis, which I know does occur. Local residents - beware!


Mike Claxton

E-mail by James Duncan - Head of Transportation Bournemouth to Councillor Ronald Whittaker, Councillor Anne Rey, Councillor Derek Borthwick and Inspector Mike Claxton - Dorset Police

9th November 2009

Traffic Speeds on Shillingstone Drive

Cllrs Whittaker, Rey and Borthwick,

A couple of weeks ago I sent you an e-mail about my intention to arrange a covert check on the speeds of traffic on Shillingstone Drive in response to the concerns you expressed. These surveys have been done by Transportation staff (from inside a vehicle so not readily visible to the drivers) and I now have the analysed results. I’m attaching them here for your information.

The data are in an “Excel” file with five sections ~ please click on the “Read Only” option. The first shows the two locations on Shillingstone Drive near either end of Stratton Road. Location 1 is at the east end while location 2 is at the western junction. If you find it difficult to open the file please let me know and I’ll gladly have printed copies put in your pigeon hole in the Town Hall.

I must admit that the results are a bit of a surprise to me, in that there is a considerably higher proportion of traffic in the 30 to 35 mph band than I would have anticipated. It is unlikely that the Police would penalise anyone driving at these speeds, but it does indicate a significant tendency on the part of motorists to behave in an anti-social (at best) manner. Perhaps our colleagues in Dorset Police might be able to give this area some attention and give some pretty firm “advice” to motorists?

I would be glad to see any recommendations that Dorset Police might make on any appropriate action that we might, together, take at this location.

Best regards,

James B Duncan

Head of Transportation

Planning and Transportation

Bournemouth Borough Council