Update - 7th December 2011

New Post Office Service for Throop

Anne and Ron have endeavoured over the past months to seek with the Post Office a full counter service within the new Co-Op Store, naturally we were extremely disappointed that the offer from the Co-Op was not taken up including the removal of the existing post box, the Post Office has so informed us that they will be operating a "formatted open plan counter" at the One stop Store as from the 30th January 2012.

Throop Post Office Decision Service Re-opening Letter 5th December 2011

Update - 20th October 2011

New Post Office Service for Throop

A further letter has been received from the Post Office Service detailing the following.

A Post Office Counter Service will be situated in One Stop, Castle Lane West (near the Broadway pub), for a trial period of twelve months.

Exact date of opening to be confirmed, (anticipated date by the end of November 2011). Further updates to follow.

Throop Post Office Public Consultation 19th October 2011

Throop Post Office Closure Letter

Unfortunately the post office still have not given any details of the so called local model and where this site/premises are located, clearly they have turned down the option of a full counter service in Throop.

Councillors Ron and Anne

Letter - October 2011

Letter - August 2011

Letter - September 2011