Throop Mill Damage July 2011

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Throop Mill Damage April 2011

Reply from Councillor Ronald Whittaker

3rd May 2011

RE: Throop Mill


Thank you for copying me in on the email to Mr. Heygate, i notice from the Echo the comments from the owners about trying to keep the it tidy and in order, my concern is to the rear of the building which the roof is covered in moss and the need for maintenance. Also the comments made - ; THERE IS A FUTURE FOR THE MILL ?. We all agree to that statement. This building has great potential as a tourist attraction with the majority of its milling equipment still intact. A museum / craft / organic shop, cafeteria, this lovely building has so much to offer.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Andy Williams - Planning and Transport, Bournemouth Council to Mr Heygate

3rd May 2011

Throop Mill

Dear Mr Heygate,

I have been on holiday for the last few weeks and have been informed on my return about the damage that occurred to the roof at Throop Mill recently (I think from persons stealing the lead). I have been provided with a photograph of this damage which I attach above. I understand from a recent newspaper article in the local press that you are aware of the damage.

I am just contacting you to ascertain whether you definitely are aware of the circumstances and that you have the matter of repair to the listed building in hand. Obviously, with recent weather conditions, the chance of further damage to the listed building so far is slight, however, I am sure you are aware, that if any heavy rain is encountered in the coming weeks and months the water damage inside the mill could be considerable.

I appreciate that this wanton damage is frustrating (we have experienced a lot of damage to churches and other buildings from lead thieves in the borough recently) but I would be grateful if you could let me know what your plan and timescale is for repairing the roof.

Kind regards,

Andy Williams

Conservation and Design Officer, Planning and Transport, Bournemouth Council

Throop Church Damage

Throop Mill Damage

E-mail from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Andy Williams - Planning and Transport, Bournemouth Council

28th April 2011

FW: Muscliff Throop Mill

Andy have we as yet had any form of response from Wessex Trust and Haygates to the damage to Throop MILL. RON.

Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker

24th April 2011

RE: Muscliff Throop Mill


Thank you for informing me, hell what is happening in Throop, if not the damage to the Manse and my clear warning to the United Reform church owners Wessex Trust at Southampton regarding my fears / concern over the 18oo centenary listed church and yes the amount of lead on the roof, will this be the next target, now our listed beautiful Mill what retains most of the history of the Milling equipment, 30 plus years to seek to get the present owners Haygates to do something with the building be it a museum / cafeteria / craft shop, so many community areas that could bring life to this lovely building, all efforts have as always fallen on deaf ears, now we see this bloody awful vandalism by mindless thugs.

Keith, Haygates are the owners, unfortunately have no email address, am copying Any Williams our conservation officer who might have such, otherwise the telephone number is 01604 831865, Heygates Bugbrooke Mills, Northampton, NN7 3QH.

They will now be required to carry out an urgent on site inspection as the building is listed, will also copy in two statuary bodies, English Heritage and Society for the Protection of Ancient Building who have been involved in my endless correspondence regarding the Mill,

Councillor Ron Whittaker

Reply from Keith Dixon

24th April 2011

RE: Muscliff Throop Mill

Dear all,

Just for information, following on from previously mentioned issues, I have just returned from Throop Mill having taken a crime report in relation to theft of lead from the roof. This has occured at some point during the last seven days and has caused some damage to the roof (clearly visible from the road). As previously stated I will do my best to increase patrols throughout Throop and Muscliff when I and PCSO Mike Wheadon are on duty but one for everyone to be aware of.


Pc 1946 Keith DIXON


Mobile no. 07917 557229