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E-mail from Phil Everest

3rd June 2011

Re: Stour visit today re: Boardwalk

Dear All

I'd like to thank you for your help and support in looking to get this problem sorted, the speed at which it appears to be happening is fantastic! It will make all the difference if the problem can be resolved.

I do have a couple of concerns however. First how maintainable this will be, but secondly the base and surface needs to be extremely solid as it is with the new path that Kingren has recently laid, otherwise as you know it will be very difficult if not impossible for people in wheelchairs to use, not only in the winter but all year round. I would be grateful if possible please if Richard Monaghan and I could be involved in the project as much as possible.

I, and I know others, would just like to express our appreciation once again to the councillors, officers and all interested parties who have been so helpful and committed to this beautiful area and helping to improve it for all of us to enjoy.

Phil Everest

Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker

1st June 2011

Re: Stour visit today re: Boardwalk

Michael, really hope it is more than a few inches, one appreciates in flood at certain times of the year, it is the continuing excess discharge of water from the bank, so hoping that with the works of back trench with must be keep clear on a regular basis other wise we will be back to square one, also the underling hollow pipes as identified by Gary e-mail with the heightened path, which must then be more than inches.

Please lets ensure we try to achieve a reasonable job here.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Michael Rowland

1st June 2011

RE: Stour visit today re: Boardwalk

Dear Cllr Ron,

Stuart Clarke and Barry Thomas will have a look on site tomorrow to see if we can undertake some minor works as suggested by Gary. If we can raise the path by a few inches for a short stretch and improve drainage then I think this would simply be a case of undertaking repairs to the path, something we could reasonably undertake without obtaining land drainage consent. This will not give access through this stretch of path for all users all year, it will improve things though. When the river floods the path becomes submerged in a few locations, I think we have to accept that. However, what we may be able to achieve is that this corner is a little less prone to flooding and drains quicker when waters subside.

If we were to go along the lines of a boardwalk or major path works to raise the stretch of path around this corner by a foot or so, then we would need land drainage consent. This would only be given if we were to remove a comparable amount of material out of the flood plain, i.e. we bring in 20 cubic metres of material so we must take away 20 cubic metres of material from within the flood plain. This presents problems when working in a nature reserve in disposing of this material (either on or off site) and the associated costs; also where we would be take the material from without causing another area to start flooding! When we undertook the People's Millions Project we did not increase the height of the path at any point, we removed surface material, disposed of it on site (but out of the flood plain) and brought in a firmer new surface material to replace it.

I think the solution suggested by Gary is the most practical and affordable way forward, it will not be perfect, but it will be an improvement on the current situation. I'll await an estimate from Barry for these works and we'll see if we can do this in house if possible. Some funds to buy materials would be very most welcome to help this to happen. Leave it with us for the moment until we come back with a new price for these works.

We're continuing to work on the route at Berry Hill, which we hope will be a further improvement to make the nature reserve more accessible for all.

Kind Regards,

Michael Rowland

Parks Development Manager, Bournemouth Parks - Bournemouth Borough Council