Setley Gardens Playbuilder

It has been confirmed to the 3 ward councillors that work should be started on Setley Park in the next fortnight (as from 27th February 2010).

E-mail from Tom Notley - Landscape Manager, Leisure Services to the 3 Ward Councillors

11th January 2010

RE: Setley Gardens / Muscliff Park Playbuilder

Dear Ward Councillors,

To follow up from are meeting last week we are currently in the middle of putting together a detailed timetable for consultation. The year two playbuilder programme doesn’t start until the beginning of April but to give us a head start we are hoping to consult on some of the site prior to this. In relation to Muscliff please find details below.

Initial Consultation

February - March 2009 (CW to discuss dates with youth facilities and co-ordinators adjacent to these sites). We have chosen Muscliff as on of the first sites to consult on because it is adjacent to an indoor facilities for consultation during the winter months.

1. Muscliff Park (Consultation to be held at the Shack speak to Alex Dowding or Adrian Griffiths about suitable dates and times)

Once we have firmed up the time and dates for Muscliff I will keep you informed.

Kind Regards,

Tom Notley

Landscape Manager - Leisure Services

Reply from Tom Notley to the 3 Ward Councillors

4th January 2010

RE: Setley Gardens Playbuilder

Dear Ward Councillors,

In relation to the improvement works at Setley Gardens please find information below:

  • The new play equipment for the scheme was ordered on the 17th of December with a 6 - 8 week lead in time on delivery (Please note the most of the play equipment suppliers closed down over the Christmas and New Year Period).
  • The tender package was sent out on the same day and is due back in on the 15th of January, once we have the returns from the 5 tenderers wil be selecting the choosen contractor.
  • On selecting the contractor we will be starting the works on site as soon as the play equipment has arrived. I'm hoping this will be some time during the last two weeks of February.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Kind Regards,

Tom Notley - Landscape Manager, Leisure Services - Telephone: (01202) 437821

E-mail from Councillor Ronald Whittaker to Tom Notley - Landscape Manager, Leisure Services and Chris Wynne

29th December 2009

RE: Setley Gardens Playbuilder

Mr. Notley,

Have you any update on representations to do with Setley park, and we intend sending out our newsletter in early February so can you give me any indication of the timetable for consultation on proposals for Muscliff park so we can include details in our newsletter, thank you.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

Councillor Ron Whittaker's comments on the following E-mail:

"This is a great scheme for the young people of Muscliff, being sited at Setley park"

E-mail from Chris Wynne - Community Parks and Countryside Team to Councillors Ron Whittaker, Anne Rey and Derek Borthwick

6th December 2009

Setley Gardens Playbuilder

Sketch Designs

Residents Letter


Please find attached a letter to the residents of the area surrounding Setley Gardens and a plan of the new scheme.

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you, it has been sent out to the local residents already, attached is the design for the new play facilities in Setley Gardens Open Space as part of the Playbuilder programme.

The plan is base on the consultations carried out earlier this year that you were involve in and is a compromise between the designs the young people did and the desires of the local residents. I thinks it will be a vast improvement on what is there at present.

Many thanks for your help with getting to this stage, if you have any questions or comments please do let me know.

Once again sorry for the delay.

Chris Wynne

Community Parks and Countryside Team