Scanner Surveys Broadway Lane

Reply by Councillor Ronald Whittaker

11th November 2009

RE: Scanner Survey Broadway Lane


Thank you for a very sensible and common approach, which in certain cases identify a possible problem, in the case of Broadway lane, more so through the village receive constant reports from Residents of the thumping sound through the properties when these massive 12 wheel tankers of W,W got through the village, at times as we know results in some 40 tankers in and out of the site, all of this to the carriageway surface must have a massive pressure to the carriageway and underlining services under the ground, again in Shillingstone drive we have had to undertake in one part this road a total reconstruction adjacent to Tarrant road/ Cucklington Gardens, one only has to see outside of Epiphany Primary the carriageway is in need of reconstruction.

So yes entirely support here your aproach Mark and thank you.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Councillor Mark Anderson

10th November 2009

RE: Scanner Surveys


At the last Scrutiny Panel meeting Paul Ambrose gave a presentation on the state of the roads and this was very well received. At the same time I asked if we could look at increasing the use of the scanner surveys so that we eventually surveyed ALL the roads in the town. This would then provided quantitative evidence about the state of the towns roads and more importantly would allow the transport department to provide much better answers to councillor enquiries and provide evidence that we can use to lobby central government for extra funds.

I would suggest that we look at adding somewhere between 10% and 20% of the residential roads to the survey each year, as I hope this would not substantially increase the costs and as I have said the benefit we would accrue will be substantial.

Can I therefore formally request that the survey scanner schedule be changed to incorporate this starting with next years survey.

Cllr Mark Anderson

Queen's Park Ward

Chairman Environment Overview Panel

Reply by Paul Ambrose to Councillor Ron Whittaker

10th November 2009

RE: Scanner Survey Broadway Lane

Dear Cllr Whittaker,

Thank you for your e-mail. As you may be aware I am no longer dealing with Highway maintenance but I did pass your e-mail to my colleague Ian Kalra.

The Scanner Surveys are only done once a year and we had this year’s survey done in late June 2009 (Classified Roads only i.e. A, B and C Roads and only in one direction - we go the other way next year). As such there is no urgency in the matter as we would not do a one off survey as that would be prohibitively expensive. (If it is surveyed during the routine surveys then the cost is relatively small). While the Scanner survey takes very detailed measurements, the best use of the technology will be to take a series of readings over a number of years so we can see if the deterioration progresses. Just a “one off” survey will not tell you much as there are no agreed standards for an unclassified road (which Broadway Lane is) so there is nothing to compare the results against.

If the road is actually breaking up then I will let the highway Inspectors know as it will require immediate action. Indeed I would have thought this should have been picked up in our routine visual inspections.

As soon as I have any more information I will contact you again.

Paul Ambrose

Planning and Transport

E-mail from Councillor Ronald Whittaker to Paul Ambrose - Planning and Transport

13th October 2009 and follow up e-mail on 7th November 2009

Scanner Survey Broadway Lane


Really do wish here to pursue my argument about having some scanner survey of Broadway lane due to the volume of W,W TANKERS, using Berry Hill from all parts of Dorset, this to include the carriageway outside Epiphany School, (Shillingstone drive) which is seriously breaking up

Many Thanks,

Councillor Ron Whittaker