Regional Spatial Strategy North Bournemouth

E-mail reply from a request by Councillor Ron Whittaker on the latest update for the Regional Spatal Strategy for North Bournemouth.

E-mail from Phil Robinson to Councillor Ron Whittaker

2nd February 2010

R.S.S. North Bournemouth

I have had a word with colleagues inside the authority and our agreed view is that the chances of anything like a final RSS coming out before the election in May is slim at best (or is that worst) to impossible if it is considered that some more publicity is required. Work is still being undertaken at the regional level on the technical aspects of this document and the conclusions of this work is not expected for some time (dates vary between later this month and March).

Even if there is not a snap election I cannot see that there would be time to go through all the necessary processes before a May election.

I will write to colleagues in Poole and Dorset to see if they have heard anything different but I am not expecting that they will have.

Phil Robinson