Playbuilder Budget Cut

Dear Councillors,

We have just received a letter telling us that Playbuilder funding for Parks has been cut by the government (about £615,000 in all for us). This means that any projects where we are not contractually committed must stop spending Government Playbuilder funding now. We will provide information to the Department for Education about this and it is possible they will allocate a smaller amount to us at the end of August, but they may equally not be able to cover the cost of what we've spent (about £48,000 this year so far), at this stage we don't know.

The summary therefore is that we continue with Littledown Park (where we contractually committed). All other projects, except Springbourne Park which is a wider parks project) are on hold for now. They are:

Mountbatten Gardens (Strouden Ward), Churchill Gardens (Boscombe West), Durley / Middle Chine (Westbourne and West Cliff), Knyveton Gardens (East Cliff and Springbourne), Mandale Road (Kinson South), Muscliff Park (Throop and Muscliff), Queens Park (Queens Park), Seafield Gardens (East Southbourne and Tuckton) and Winton Recreation Ground (Winton East).

The reason I am writing to you all is that it affects so many of your wards.

We do have a limited amount of Section 106 and Capital funds to spend on playgrounds, which will be allocated to the most needy or applicable projects following an assessment and report to Cabinet. I'll keep you all informed. For now we're basically on hold and are likely to have very scaled down play projects over the coming few years.

Kind Regards,

Michael Rowland

Parks Policy Manager, Bournemouth Parks, Bournemouth Borough Council