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E-mail from Tom Notley - Landscape Manager, Leisure Services to the 3 Ward Councillors

11th January 2010

RE: Setley Gardens Playbuilder

Dear Ward Councillors,

To follow up from are meeting last week we are currently in the middle of putting together a detailed timetable for consultation. The year two playbuilder programme doesn’t start until the beginning of April but to give us a head start we are hoping to consult on some of the site prior to this. In relation to Muscliff please find details below.

Initial Consultation

February - March 2009 (CW to discuss dates with youth facilities and co-ordinators adjacent to these sites). We have chosen Muscliff as on of the first sites to consult on because it is adjacent to an indoor facilities for consultation during the winter months.

1. Muscliff Park (Consultation to be held at the Shack speak to Alex Dowding or Adrian Griffiths about suitable dates and times)

Once we have firmed up the time and dates for Muscliff I will keep you informed.

Kind Regards,

Tom Notley

Landscape Manager - Leisure Services