Muscliff and Throop Bike Lights Project

The Muscliff and Throop Bike Lights Project was held on the 25th February at the Muscliff Youth Centre in Shillingstone Drive.

Throop and Muscliff Bicycle Light Project

This was a partnership project with Dorset Police and the main officers involved were Sgt Steve Houston, PCSO Anna Maher and PCSO Adam Lillywhite (our own ward PCSO's) and the 3 Muscliff and Throop Councillors, Councillor Anne Rey, Councillor Ron Whittaker and Councillor Derek Borthwick who used £500 from their Local Improvement Fund to buy the sets of lights from “On Yer Bike“ in Charminster Road, Bournemouth.

The first 50 people to come and buy the lights were charged £5 each and after that the sets cost £10. The On Yer Bike shop staff also gave a free maintenance check for the bikes.

A total of 22 sets were sold during the evening and more sets will be for sale at the Muscliff and Throop Funday on the 18th July and again in September.

The monies raised went to the Bournemouth Lions Club and several of the Lions attended the event. It is hoped that this event and others will raise the awareness of the importance of cyclists’ responsibilities to have lights on their bikes.

The next event will be in the Strouden Park Ward on the 10th March at the Sir David English Centre in East Way from 3pm till 4pm the first 80 sets of lights are £5.

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