Minutes of Economy and Tourism Overview and Scrutiny Panel, 21st July 2010


The Panel considered a briefing note on proposed repairs to the banks of the River Stour and the Bourne Stream.

The Service Director for Housing Landlord and Parks reported that remedial works were needed on certain sections of the river banks which had deteriorated significantly over recent years. Failure to undertake these works using a properly planned and resourced approach could result in future risks and costs to the Council.

It was proposed to undertake a condition survey of the river banks to identify the risks, repair options, programme of works and costings for the Council. This would be undertaken in conjunction with Mouchel, the Council’s engineering partner, using Capital Gateway feasibility funding. The results of the survey would be used to draw up a programme of reinstatement works and repairs. The Panel noted and supported the actions being taken.

The Chairman reported on correspondence received from Councillor Ron Whittaker, Ward Member for Throop and Muscliff which included a significant stretch of the Stour Valley. Councillor Whittaker asked that the repairs and reinstatement works be given the highest priority due to the worsening condition of the river banks. He acknowledged that there were limited staff resources at the current time and he asked whether the Council could approach the Probation Service to use those serving community sentences under its supervision to assist in these works, as had been done in the past. The Panel agreed that this was a suggestion which the Service Director could look into at a later date once the key issues had been identified and timetabled, and grant funding or solutions had been secured.


  • That the actions taken to form a planned approach to the reinstatement and repair works for the River Stour and Bourne Stream river banks be supported
  • That the Service Director for Housing Landlord and Parks be asked to contact the Probation Service about the workforce suggestion once the programme of works has been agreed and funding secured.