Ice Rink follow up e-mails

7th June 2011

Reply by the Portfolio Holder for Resources, Cllr John Beesley:

'The proposal for an ice stadium in King’s Park has received strong public support and this administration has led from the start to bring the development forward. The Council has achieved the grant of an outline planning approval and we are well on track to invite potential operators to come forward with their proposals.

As a public body the Council is required to follow the European Procurement Rules when entering into contracts above a prescribed value, currently £3,927,260 for a works contract. I understand that the advice received confirms that the contract will fall within these rules, irrespective of the charitable status of the land. If the European Procurement Rules are not followed, then this could attract challenge resulting in delay and increased costs for the Council, as well as possible court action.

There is a set process and timeframe for advertising and selecting a suitable contractor. This will be done over the next few months and I hope that it will result in a development agreement towards the end of the year. The preparation of the marketing brief is well advanced but this work is currently on hold in order to obtain greater clarity around the likely highways contribution.

The Council entered into a Planning Agreement prior to the grant of outline planning consent and this requires a transportation contribution of up to £1.6 million subject to a viability test. This is in accordance with the South East Dorset Transport Contributions Scheme, which is one of the Council’s planning policies. The contribution is based on the number of additional journeys that the development will generate, charged at the current trip rate of £713.

As a result of this administration’s strong opposition to the level of contributions proposed, the South East Dorset Transport Contributions Scheme is currently under review and this is expected to be completed in July 2011. It is anticipated that the review will result in a much reduced trip rate which will significantly improve the viability of this and other inward investment to Bournemouth and South East Dorset. Our deliberate delay will enable the marketing brief to reflect these much reduced costs and help developers identify funding for the scheme.

The leisure development market is currently severely depressed across the UK and it is absolutely essential that we approach the market at the right time to gain the best chance of attracting a developer with the necessary financial backing to deliver the facility we all want to see. To have done so any sooner would, I am certain, have resulted in disappointment. Far from losing the interest of developers, it is their interest that we need to attract and we are doing everything possible to make that happen.'

Cllr John Beesley

28th May 2011

David I wish to ask the following to whoever in the Cabinet might be able to answer please, Thanks Cllr Ron.

Can member today please receive any update in the long ongoing campaign over many years regarding the outline approval last October for ice arena at Kings Park, this coming after a very detail consultation?

Former members will know that through the scrutiny process this Council has received overwhelming public support for a permanent base for an ice rink, as to demonstrate at the figures at Christmas at the BIC [50,000 plus]

Could the cabinet member say as to how the far this Council has got in preparing the brief, including i understand the need to follow the european procurement process? Can the cabinet member say as to why we need to follow that line when this charitable land and has to be run as such? At the same time answer the question to the transport contribution which then itself would clearly have killed of this project [£1.6 million]

If the procurement measure is required, can we be told as to the likely timetable as naturally a tendering exercise will one presume follow later, again old long serving members will remember we have been here so many times none more so that in 2006/ 2007/ scrutiny in 2008 and Council 2009.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

24th May 2011

Jo. Thank you it really is just dragging on, when one thinks as to when it was all originally planned, from what you say it seems to be more the end of the year before a decision is made then a further length of time for a worked up application, next year?.

Any way thanks Jo,

Councillor Ron Whittaker

24th May 2011

Dear Councillor Whittaker

Thank you for your e-mail. I can advise that colleagues in Legal and Procurement have confirmed that the EU procurement rules should be followed for the ice rink development. This will require strict adherence to the regulations. The Contract Notice is planned to be posted in the OJEU in July followed by an 8 week period for pre qualification questionnaires to be received. There will then be a shortlisting process followed by competitive dialogue with those shortlisted.


Jo Rust - Property Services, Bournemouth Council

22nd May 2011


Here we after the local elections and new administration which made great play on the ink rink facilities at Kings Park in the elections. As we know which received outline approval in October last year, and as you pointed out to me you were awaiting to hear about procurement process and as to progress on the brief. This Council has a bad representations of not making decision, and as this now goes back more that four years when then the previous administration had identified Kings Park and yes with only as i understand just two interested private developers, can i now be told as to progress on moving this forward to a full application and hopefully seeing something in place in the coming years, which itself would be a miracle in this town.

Many Thanks,

Councillor Ron Whittaker