Cabinet Member reply:

'The Minerals Core Strategy, which is written jointly by Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset County Councils, is currently out for consultation until the end of September.

The content of the document was approved at the meeting of the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Minerals and Waste Policy Joint Advisory Committee on 8th June. Cllr Kelsey and yourself represent the Council on this Committee.

The Minerals Core Strategy only sets out the proposed policies to manage quarry development and the criteria that will be used to select specific sites for future quarries. It does not identify any specific sites such as Parley Court. Specific sites will be considered in a separate document, the Minerals Site Allocations DPD, but this won't be progressed until the outcome of the Public Inquiry into the Minerals Core Strategy is known. It is unlikely this will be until towards the end of next year. The Inspector's report needs to be received before specific sites are brought forward in order that we can establish that the criteria we proposing for site selection are sound.

The Council will not be objecting to the Minerals Core Strategy through the current consultation as Councillor Whittaker wishes. There are two reasons for this. First, it is, after all, the Councils Plan. Cllr Kelsey and I have agreed the content at the Joint Committee. Second, there are no proposals in the Minerals Core Strategy to allocate Parley Court as a site for mineral extraction. As was said earlier, this specific issue will be considered through the Minerals Site Allocation DPD towards the end of next year. It is at that this time that consideration can be given as to whether the site should be allocated for mineral extraction. It would then be appropriate to consider the specific issues and concerns local residents may have in relation to the site, especially over issues of flooding, traffic and site restoration.

Turning to the future restoration of the site. The company suggesting this site proposes to bring in inert fill material in order to raise the level of the restored land above the water table. This inert material would comprise soils, excavated material and rubble, none of which decomposes. The proximity of the airport restricts the creation of open areas of water in order to reduce the risk of bird strike.

Finally with regard to the traffic movements, the figure of 150 daily movements (including both extraction and filling) was provided by the proposers. Traffic would certainly be considered during the site assessments and in view of the general traffic congestion in the area, it would clearly form an important element when assessing the suitability of the site.

However, as was said earlier, these site specific issues are not considerations that can influence the content of the Minerals Core Strategy. There is an appropriate time and place to consider them. This will be through the Minerals Site Allocations DPD towards the end of next year.

I will endeavour to ensure Cllr Whittaker is kept fully informed of the progression of the relevant policy documents at the appropriate time.'

General Question to the Cabinet Member for Communities and Planning


General Question to the Cabinet Member for Communities and Planning

"In 2008 I submitted a detail question to the Cabinet Member at Council on the then mineral site allocations document/discussion paper. My question, then as now relates to the Parley Court Phase 3, which is located in North Bournemouth, the site bordering to the south of the River Stour and Stour Valley. Some now three years on this site still remains within that Minerals Core Strategy. We are now informed yet again of further public consultation from 15 July until 9 September 2011. Can the Cabinet Member explain to me as to why this process is now running until end of next year 2012, before individual sites such as Parley Cross will be further examined?

Can the portfolio holder, within the existing consultation period, now put forward the Council's objections to such a proposal knowing of the enormous environmental damage that is likely to accrue with the placing of bunds and the disturbance to much of the wildlife which abuts the river side and nature reserve? Even more so is the increase in flooding that would very clearly take place on the Redhill/Muscliff side of the river whereby Parley Court field is within the existing flood plain which will force the Stour river to flood elsewhere.

In addition to the above, there is a proposal for the restoration after 12 years of using the site for the disposal of inert waste. Can the Cabinet Member explain the type of waste that would be the subject of disposal taking into consideration the proximity of Bournemouth International Airport with a flight path over this very site? This will result in a large amount of heavy vehicle movements in and out of the site averaging 150 movements in Parley Lane and no doubt increasing congestion on the conurbation roads into Bournemouth."

Councillor Ron Whittaker