Epiphany Primary School 20mph Zone

Reply from Councillor Ronald Whittaker

17th January 2011

RE: 20 Mile Zone Epiphany Primary


Yes thank you for at least considering my request to extend the zone, as you are aware, Muscliff lane is a dedicated cycle route as such, no pavements, and many walkers, including horse riders who only access to the river side down Muscliff lane to Granby road and Stour Acres.

I fully appreciate a priority list, but this is one I think must take priority, not only is Shillingstone now a rat race to vehicles avoiding Castle Lane West, it is also the rural section of the lane via Throop that is attracting more vehicles.

Many Thanks,

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Ian Kalra Transportation Services Manager, Bournemouth Council to Councillor Ron Whittaker

17th January 2011

RE: 20 Mile Zone Epiphany Primary

Dear Councillor Whittaker,

The proposal to install a 20 mph zone around Epiphany Primary School has already been included in the current 'wish list' of similar road safety initiatives. I will ensure that your request to extend the area of this zone to include the rural part of Muscliff Lane will be explored as part of this potential scheme.

The next step, as John Satchwell has previously indicated, will be to develop a priority list of schemes which will be established through a transparent ranking process. The speed of implementation of such a list will of course then be dependant on the level of budgets available to us, initially through the funding provided for the three year delivery programme for the next Local Transport Plan (LTP3).

Therefore, until precise budgets are known and the ranking process carried out I cannot unfortunately give any further indication of timings.

I will keep you informed as the process progresses.

Kind regards,

Ian Kalra.