E-mails regarding vandalism to Boundary Walls in both Shillingstone and Chesildene Drives

Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Conor Burns MP

19th July 2011

RE: Anti-Social Behaviour


Yes thank you and Conor for his involvement which has also now led to a detail report / email from Sgt Guy Nicholas on action being taken in the area, also have included Conor in my response to the Sgt Guy. Have also INCLUDE the Stronger and safer community team at the town hall and portfolio holder.

Again my thanks.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Conor Burns MP to Councillor Ron Whittaker

19th July 2011

RE: Anti-Social Behaviour

Dear Councillor Ron

At Conor's request, I have spoken at length with Sgt Guy Nicholas about the situation. He was extremely helpful and has confirmed that his team is determined to catch the perpetrators, but at this stage they do not know whether it is young people or adults who are responsible.

Sgt Nicholas will keep us in the loop. I have reiterated that Conor is ready and willing to assist where there are problems in his constituency, particularly if there are lessons that can be learnt.

Kind regards,


E-mail reply from Councillor Ronald Whittaker

19th July 2011

RE: Walls

Dear Guy.

Firstly both Anne and myself do thank you our officers for action you all are taking here to identify who these persons are who have made life very miserable to our residents in the damage they have done to various areas of the boundary walls in both Shilligstone and Chesildene drives, more so as each lose brick as we know can cause further damage and been a danger to passing vehicles and properties.

I welcome this additional information and yes we will put this on our website , also Conor Burns MP has as we know taken a great interest in this and has spoken to you.

You have not made reference to VISTING the two local schools, appreciate they are Primaries, but fell it is worth a visit, have kept both informed on previous emails, also believe the more senior schools in the area.

On the question of ownership, yes as we know these walls are owned by various residents which will be shown in deeds, these walls were built in the 80s by mainly then Wimpey's, in fact I still hold correspondence from them when I was in 1991 trying to get them to repair walls in Shillingstone Drive.

We are endeavouring through to seek to have the car park [Bradford road] adjacent to the Muscliff Park developed into some accommodation due to previous vandalism and anti social behaviour problems. Mike Darby [Housing Enabler] has had correspondence with Taylor Wimpey on this but again not a helpful response to our request.

As you rightly here point out a number of the car parks are not used for very obvious reasons, due to secluded areas/lighting, and yes fear of vandalism to vehicles etc. Yes to remove these walls would need those residents approval and here it would likely have to be an undertaking in land registry to find out who owns what. Again would the car park be better used for additional accommodation, and in those plans then retail a few spaces.

IN Chesildene drive Nigel Billett had made contact with Taylor Wimpey and a representative has said that they had not retain ownership of the walls. Again much of this wall has been pushed over and open up from the highway.

Think it would be helpful if in any way we could get the college where possible to make safe any walls that are now very vulnerable to further vandalism, not sure as to who might make that approach, surely this would be very good practice for the apprenterships.


Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Guy Nicholas - Safer Neighbourhood Teams Sgt

19th July 2011


Dear Anne and Roy,

Update ref walls being damaged across the ward area and also looking at a few possible solutions. Feel free to circulate this e-mail if you wish.

Firstly we are taking this issue seriously and have been looking at many different tactics to stop this recent trend. Very briefly course of action to date is as follows.

1. Ringmaster message to local residents to ask for there assistance in descriptions times etc.

2. Later patrols in the areas

3. Plain clothes patrols to try and locate offenders.

4. Visits to Youth Centre (though it must be made clear that there is no link to the centre at present)

5. NHW being informed and leaflet drops in local area.

6. Having been out and about I don't believe it is a young group due to the times of the incidents and currently looking at possibly and older offender work still in progress.

7. Response officers tasked for etc patrols in hot spot areas.

Just having an idea and it maybe worth trialing it in one area (possibly Charlton Close) is looking at taking the wall away and opening up these areas. Having spent many an evening trawling the car park areas its quite clear that a number are not being used as car parks. I must admit bad lighting and secluded I would not want to park my car there. If we were to knock the walls completely down this would open up the areas, make them less secluded and also residents start to use them as car parks. Increase usage reducing crime.

Cost would have to be at residents cost which would be a skip price and we could look at getting the local college in to make safe the walls after. Would need clearence ref deeds etc but if its residents walls I guess its up to them how they replace them.

Your thoughts,

Guy Nicholas

PS 1644 - Safer Neighbourhood Teams Sgt for Moordown/Throop and Muscliffe/Strouden/Townsend SNT's