Eco Composting Plant

Reply by Councillor Ronald Whittaker

29th October 2009

RE: ECO Composting Plant Update


Many thanks for your very detail response, and it is appreciated, will convey the information on to my chairman of our area forum, and those residents who have made contact with me, as you know we have had various problems of Odour smells from Berry Hill, this added by open sheeted Lorries causing real smells during this year, through the village this together with the Eco plant it was getting difficult to pin-point who was responsible, am extremely grateful as always to the help/actions from Bournemouth Council environmental health, Nick Watson who had been my key player here in sorting out these problems, again thank you for also your help here and the actions being taken, which hopeful will not see a return to the previous odour smells from this plant.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail by Emily Pitts Environment Officer to Councillor Ron Whittaker

29th October 2009

RE: ECO Composting Plant Update

Dear Councillor Whittaker,

Following your email to Nick Watson of Bournemouth Borough Council, I am able to provide further information on the site improvement work at Eco Sustainable Solutions Limited. The measures that the company have proposed to the Environment Agency are:

  • Construction of new concrete lined lagoons to contain the liquids running off from the composting operations; we believe that the lagoons being replaced may have been a source of odour this summer. The new lagoons will be constructed so they are easier to clean out and aerate (to reduce the chances of anaerobic conditions developing which can be particularly odorous) and will have odour neutralising mist sprays around them (a continuation of the existing boundary mist system)
  • Installation of mist sprays for odour neutraliser onto the screener for the in-vessel compost
  • Trialling of odour neutralisers and bacterial inoculants (designed to aid the composting process) on both of the compost operations during turning of the material
  • Construction of a bay for mixing in liquid waste to improve liquid distribution in the in-vessel composting block; the idea of this is to reduce anaerobic conditions caused by very wet areas of compost.

The Environment Agency audited the site in August and made recommendations with respect to odour. The programme of work proposed by the company (detailed above) includes some of our recommendations. The Enforcement Notices served last week (one for the green waste operation and one for the in-vessel operation) require the company to comply with the odour conditions of their permits by taking steps, including but are not limited, to their proposed programme of work and the recommendations of our audit. The Enforcement Notices require compliance with the odour conditions of the permits by 4th January 2010.

It is worth saying that due to the location of Eco Sustainable Solutions; an odour report from a resident in Throop and Muscliff may be attributable to one of several different odour sources. As you are probably aware, the Environment Agency are now responsible for reports of statutory nuisance from sites permitted under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007 (e.g. Berry Hill Sewage Treatment Works and Eco Sustainable Solutions) but Bournemouth Borough Council remain responsible for statutory nuisance reports from other sites e.g. Kinson STW. This is why it is important that the Environment Agency continue to keep in close contact with Bournemouth Borough Council Environmental Health department so we can share information and pass reports of relevance between organisations.

I hope that this answers your query; please call me on the number below if you wish to discuss it further.

Best Regards,

Emily Pitts

Environment Officer

Telephone: 01258 483319