Crossing in Chesildene Drive

Reply from Councillor Ronald Whittaker

14th March 2011

RE: Crossing in Chesildene Drive

Mr. Satchell.

Well here we go again, some now 15 plus months since parents/residents requested action at this location, you continue to say that existing funding for a school crossing patrol is available within the existing budget, am pleased to hear that, But, but as you know from the very detail representation made last year by parents that this improved crossing is need throughout the year not just at school times, school holidays, week-end, day times for those who need to crossing for the buses. with the summer approaching and the plans shortly to carry out improvements to Muscliff park play this will see more children crossing to go to the park, you have by now seen, we are facing further calls for refuge islands in Broadway lane as well.

The previous Transport manager as you know [11th Feb 2010] offered to carry out improvements to the existing island by enlarging the width by approx 1.80 metres, as pointed out by parents and clearly shown in the THEN pictures taken that any parent with a pushchair protrudes into the carriageway and becomes very vulnerable to being hit by a pasting vehicle, yes extending could overcome this, but the problem THEN is as pointed out by James Duncan would impose a degree narrowness and likely to be unpopular with cyclist, the cost of those works were £7 to £10k

Cost of a ZEBRA CROSSING around £15k,

With the funding of a School Patrol in wages for a years salary what is the difference ?, we are looking at a ONE OFF expenditure for a Zebra, we are not seeking large funds for a Toucan signal control as has been spent in Malvern road and now Boundary road.

We are told by this two party Government that we have a localism bill, where residents would have great input into local decision making, what a load of rot, this bill certainly in Bournemouth is not giving a say to these parents/residents who have requested a safer road crossing for the past 15 mouths plus, the bends approaching Seagrim have seen past accidents, Chesildene is a rat run for vehicles avoiding Castle lane West, the small difference to a School crossing with payment to that of a permanent Zebra crossing has to make sense.

Cllr Whittaker

E-mail from John Satchwell, Road Safety Manager Bournemouth Council to Councillor Ron Whittaker

11th March 2011

RE: Crossing in Chesildene Drive

Dear Cllr Whittaker

I would be delighted to be in a position to respond positively to each and every one of your requests for action on our part. I am sure you will understand that, regrettably, it is not always possible to do so and that this is not eased by prevailing financial constraints.

In the case of Chesildene Drive, I cannot really add to my previous response below. I am advised that any potential for funds previously discussed did not materialise, and that funds are not currently available from our approved capital allocations either. I reiterate that work here would not rank with a high priority on a road safety programme. Nevertheless, the request for improvements to crossing facilities here is included in our standing list of such requests, which will be considered as and when funds may become available at a future date.

I am sorry it appears to you that earlier responses are being repeated, however since circumstances have not materially changed either, I am afraid there is a measure of inevitability.

Can I ask again if you would confirm whether, or not, you would wish for me to explore deploying a Crossing Patrol, as previously offered. The cost of this additional patrol could be accommodated within existing budgets. I wonder if it is possible that this option would be better that no improvement at all, as a solution in the interim.


John Satchwell

Road Safety Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council