Update - 7th November 2011

Letter Following Local Development Framework Steering Group

Letter Following Local Development Framework Steering Group - PDF

Update - 15th August 2011

Letter to Bournemouth Daily Echo

Councillor Ron Whittaker's letter to the Bournemouth Daily Echo about changes to the existing planning rules.


It was very refreshing to read the comments from former Member of Parliament David Atkinson for Bournemouth East regarding the forthcoming changes to the existing Planning Policy Guidance, [Echo 11th]. And his call to ensure our MPs and adjoining .local authorities to prevent what will become total urbanisation of the surrounding conurbation under the so-called new National Planning Policy Framework which is central as we are told to the coalitions localism agenda, If one can at this stage understand much of it,?., David Atkinson is totally right in his concerns/fears that this Government now has done a big U-Turn from what we thought was total protection to Green belt by now council being told there should be a "presumption for development" what even makes thinks worse is that the Planning Inspectorate which rules on any appeals, has said in the Sunday Telegraph detail article, that "I it will be using new guidance on presumption in favour of developers with immediate effect," immediate effect, This so-called consultation has until the 17th October to run, but it seems that regardless of local authorities concerns at these changes that DECISIONS ARE BEING MADE ELSEWHERE, This makes consultation a mockery,

In Bournemouth's case, I have already request that the local development framework panel consider all aspects of these changes, this together with the very active Area Forum for Throop / Muscliff / Strouden Park wards.

Cllr Ron Whittaker [member of the LDF]

35. Glenmeadows Drive, Kinson, Bournemouth. BH10 5HQ.