Route 2b

Update 17th December 2010

Thank you Richard, yes good news, wonder what made yellows change their minds, RON

E-mail from Richard Barnes Public Transport Officer, Planning and Transport Bournemouth Council to Councillors

17th December 2010

Bus Route 2b - Evening and some Sunday journeys from Bournemouth Hospital, Castle Lane, Moordown, Ensbury Park, West Howe, Kinson

Dear Councillors

You may recall several previous e-mails from me about the difficult decision the council made to withdraw the funding for evening and some Sunday services on this route.

I am now pleased to advise that Transdev Yellow Buses have stated that they will continue to operate all the threatened journeys on a commercial basis – without the need for our funding.

So to clarify the timetable for the 2b service will not change at the end of January as previously advised. All the journeys that run at the moment will continue to operate. I do need to mention that the situation will be reviewed by the company again in a few months time so please advise any of your residents who use the service - that they need to support the route – by actually using the bus.

There is I understand a press release about this that will be available on Yellow Buses website –

I will let any residents that contacted me about this know – though this is only several people.

Thank you - this is a bit of Christmas cheer which is certainly needed.

Richard Barnes

Public Transport Officer, Planning and Transport

Bournemouth Council

Evening and Sunday services - Bournemouth Hospital, Castle Lane, Moordown, Ensbury Park, East Howe, West Howe, Kinson.

Proposed from January 2011

The evening and Sunday buses on the section of route 2b from Bournemouth Hospital through to Kinson and the return journeys from Kinson to the Hospital are operated under contract to Bournemouth Borough Council by Transdev Yellow Buses.

The current financial situation in local government means the money the council spends on supported bus services has to be reviewed as significant savings need to be made as part of the drive to reduce the budget deficit.

As a result the council needs to look at all the bus services we support throughout Bournemouth. We need to make savings - while trying to maintain a weekday service on other routes the council funds, so residents who rely on public transport still have access to a bus service for shopping and connection with the network. After consideration this means that a number of bus services the council provides at evenings and weekends need to be reviewed.

For route 2b we regrettably need to propose withdrawal of some evening/Sunday journeys on this route. For Mondays to Saturdays the last bus will be the 20:15hrs journey from Bournemouth Hospital to Kinson and the 18:57 hrs journey from Kinson to the Hospital.

For Sundays and public holidays the last bus from Bournemouth Hospital to Kinson will be the 17:15 hrs and the 17:06 hrs journey from Kinson to Bournemouth Hospital. The daytime service on Sundays/Public Holidays will continue to be funded by the Council.

Bournemouth Council very much regrets that some residents will be adversely affected by this change. As a council we do need to review the bus services we support due to the financial challenges on all public services. Please note that the responsibility for this proposal rests with the Council and not Transdev Yellow Buses who operate the route on our behalf. The weekday/Saturday daytime service on route 2b is operated on a commercial basis by Transdev Yellow Buses and is not affected by these proposed changes. Please note that evening and Sunday services on routes 3 and 5a, 5b will continue to serve the Hospital and Kinson respectively and through connections journeys will still be provided at the times the 2b is proposed to be withdrawn.

If you have any comments please contact:

Richard Barnes,

Public Transport Co-ordinator, Town Hall Annexe, St Stephens Road. Bournemouth BH2 6EA.

Telephone: (01202) 454645