Bus Shelter in Shillingstone Drive

Councillor Anne Rey's Comments

Great news!! Thanks to all! Best wishes Anne

Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker

21st January 2010

RE: Bus Shelter

Yes its great, had a look this afternoon, took a few pictures, just in time for Rob to see before he leaves us all, thanks to both Richard and James Duncan who firstly put me on to the available shelters from the Triangle, and our Anne who first made the request to us from yourself

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail sent by Judith Walker (Warden) on behalf of the Residents of John Pound House to Councillor Ron Whittaker and Richard Barnes - Public Transport Officer

21st January 2010

Bus Shelter

Hi to you both,

GREAT EXCITEMENT!!! We have the bus shelter, I think we will have to have some form of ribbon cutting...

Many many thanks to you both.

Judy Walker

Scheme Manager, Sanctuary Shaftesbury, John Pound House

Reply by Councillor Ronald Whittaker

9th November 2009

RE: Bus Shelter - Shillingstone Drive, John Pound House


Thank you, as you probable notice on your site visit the Bus Shelter on the opposite side of the road has a similar width of footpath and no problems, so am pleased like Anne that hopefully we don't have any difficulties with the shelter provider, which i understand will be one of the displaced shelters from the triangle, and as members we are happy to support any funding in the works required to place it in Chesildene drive, such a shelter as you know from Judy is well supported by residents and those who gather at St, Pauls Church close by.

We look forward to an early response, again thank you and James Duncan for the speedy attention you have given to this.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Richard Barnes - Public Transport Officer to Councillors Ron Whittaker, Anne Rey and Derek Borthwick

9th November 2009

RE: Bus Shelter - Shillingstone Drive, John Pound House

Dear Cllrs,

I met the warden - Judy on site at the end of last week.

The footway is relatively narrow but in my view a shelter could be placed there - even if it means the overhang is slightly over into their grounds.

I have to check that our shelter provider agrees with this view - as soon as I have met with them I will let you - and Judy know.


Richard Barnes

Public Transport Officer

Planning and Transport

Correspondence sent to James Duncan Transport Manager Bournemouth Council by Councillor Ron Whittaker

21st October 2009

Mr Duncan,

Have been approached by the Warden at John Pounds House, Shillingstone Drive if consideration could be given for the placing of a Bus Shelter stop which is adjacent to the elderly persons home, as Judy does point out it is a well used stop, appreciate the initial costs, so if a small sum was to come from our fund to support the request, know my two colleagues would support, any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Councillor Ron Whittaker

Request received for Consideration for a Bus Shelter in Shillingstone Drive from Judith Walker (Warden) on behalf of the Residents of John Pound House

21st October 2009

Hi to you all,

Hope you are all well, I am still recovering from the duck race at Easter, and my duck has still not come in.

I am wondering if you could help. The Residents at John Pound House have been talking about how a Bus Shelter on the House side would be really useful.

It is a well used stop, so it would not just be the Elderly and Disabled Residents but people from the area. When it is raining they get very wet.

Is there any way in which you think we could go forward on this.

Many thanks,

Judy Walker

Scheme Manager

Sanctuary Shaftesbury

John Pound House, 41 Fawley Green, Bournemouth BH8 0EU

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