Letter to Bournemouth Echo Councillor Derek Borthwick June 2011


The last 4 weeks to me has been the worse I have ever experience in my 40 years representing Muscliff/Throop, [previously part of Moordown], the bournemouth echo report on the throop, muscliff, strouden, townsend and holdenhurst area forum meeting talks of 50 attending more like 100, also Derek Borthwick's comments about working with Labour/Liberal Democrats [being just 6 members] yet same time he feels at home in a Conservative group of 45. he says "serving residents better by working within the Conservatives than being a lone voice," SO WHY STAND THEN AS AN INDEPENDENT, he knew being an Independent we have to work hard to to gain trust with members of all groups, its called partnership working, well how funny he had lots of time to leave the Independent group to joint that Tory party well before nomination day, but no he took the easy route by knowing without our Support he would NOT get in, yes he deceive us, more he betrayed those 1,037 voters, he knew in December last year we were talking to Fiona about joining the team, Derek Borthwick was somewhat unhappy by then accusing me of likely letting a Tory in if I came out and supported Fiona, in a way he was right, a Tory got in name of Borthwick.

Councillor Ron Whittaker,

35. Glenmeadows Drive. Kinson. Bournemouth. BHI0 5HQ