Berry Hill - Bridleway, Throop, Horses

Letter from Councillor Ronald Whittaker to Gary Josey, Director of Housing Landlord Services

15th August 2010

Berry Hill - Bridleway, Throop, Horses


It was through Democratic service last week forwarding me the minutes of the 21st July Economy and tourism overview panel that i saw that the work programme as it related to Muscliff to Berry Hill footpath had been deleted from the work programme and as the minutes say, Request the ward councillor to take item forward with the cabinet member and lead officer.

If you can recall in January 2009, with a deputation from the horse riders and bridleway ass, Anne Peters representing some 120 horse riders who have horses in Throop, made the endless and ongoing arguments that for the past 40 plus years, when the then water authority flood alleviation scheme was completed in the late 60s it removed the Pig-Shoot ford deepen the river to increase the flood capacity of the channel in Throop area. This effectively severed the Public highway, which Pig-Shoot still today remains a public highway [without any connection], such resulted in Equestrians unable then to access the river crossing, hence 40 years on we are still attempting via the connect 2 lottery funding to secure the river crossing at Pig-Shoot, but with endless objections from Hurn Parish, so one will ask why I raising this with Berry Hill, QUITE SIMPLE REALLY.

In January 2009 withmany emails to our officers seeking to find an alternative Bridleway link for the horse riders in THROOP, we attended the panel and Anne Peter requested as i did that we need to move the issue of finding a safe / friendly and secure bridleway link on the Bournemouth side to TAKE OFF the existing carriageway, i.e. Throop road and Muscliffe lane the horses riders who only gain to the river side was from Granby road [Stour Acres] along the river side.

In 2000, Anne Peter request then that the route was to upgrade the existing path [PLEASE SEE PICTURE I TOOK THEN TO SHOW THE OVERGROWN PUBLIC PATH], such a bridleway could be easily extended to the present Arboretum , [path know as M15] we have over the past many years and yes with visit on site with Stuart requested for talks to take place with the existing tenant to allow removing / re-siting the existing fence line, also we own some of the land with our existing tenant farmer Dave Male, this would then allow the new existing path to be separated from cyclist, walkers and provided a pleasant safe route for horse riders by removing the existing practice off the two very busy roads in Throop.

Much of the funds need can be secured through hopefully outside agencies through the green infrastructure.

The whole purpose of my request to go on the work programme was to seek after so many years to TRY TO TAKE THIS MATTER FORWARD, so i am back to where i began, unless i can receive assurances on this i will be taking this back to the NEXT PANEL WITH DEPUTATION.

As again to Hick Farm, it just continues to remain in the works programme, unfortunately when the new administration won power the Feasibly report had completed its work as to what was planned for Hicks Farm and its surrounding for an exciting outdoor learning and interpretation centre and working farm, all now not being progressed, understandable with the current financial state of this country, but we still have the matters of the outlining barns on the farm, brick structure need attention as listed buildings also trust bearings on east wall, easy here to push Hicks Farm aside but one needs to know as to how the council intend in time to deal with outstanding issues around the buildings.

One point i will make is as the farm and buildings are located on the wetland and flood plain of the River Stour, an area held in high regard by the Environment Agency, would mean that any thoughts here to residential development of any of this land can be ruled out for many years to come, now this are not my words but that of the Environment Agency.

Gary appreciate all of this e-mail is long, but could have been avoided if i had know the panel had taken that decision on the work programme

Councillor Ron Whittaker