News - Changes to Bournemouth Rubbish Collection from April 2017

NEW - Thursday, 9th February 2017 // UPDATED - Wednesday, 29th March 2017

UPDATED - Wednesday, 29th March 2017

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NEW - Thursday, 9th February 2017

Email from Georgina Fry, Major Projects, Strategy and Commissioning Manager, Environment, Bournemouth Council
8th February 2017
Changes to rubbish collections - April 2017

Dear Councillor,

I wanted to update you following last year’s Cabinet decision to implement an alternate weekly collection service for refuse and recycling.

From 24 April the Council will introduce a new Waste and Recycling service which will see rubbish and recycling collections change to alternate weeks.

Residents will continue to use their 240 litre Big Bin for recycling and 140 litre Little Bin for rubbish which will be collected on alternate weeks: Big Bin (recycling) one week and Little Bin (rubbish) the next. These changes will also include flats with the Big Bin, Little Bin arrangements.

As part of the new service the Council will continue to collect food waste on a weekly basis and is offering residents the opportunity to have a larger 23 litre food waste container. Alternatively, people can continue to use their 12 litre food container which will also be collected weekly.

Larger households, those with children in nappies and those who have a medical condition which generates extra waste may request an assessment for an extra rubbish bin, if they meet specific criteria.

Flats with communal bins will continue to have their household waste collected on a weekly basis and the Council will reassess collections for these properties in the coming months.

Over the next two months the Council will run an awareness campaign ahead of the changes coming into effect. Those households that will change to an alternate weekly waste collection will be sent an information pack in April.

Starting this week, we have a stream of messages going out daily on various channels to promote the changes. These channels include e-newsletters, social media posts, social media advertising, media relations and internal communications. All the communications will link to the web pages where residents can find further information and enter the DbyD process where they can request a food waste container and/or an additional bin.

As we move into next week we’re going to boost the promotion through Facebook advertising which will link people to the webpage for further information. A media release will be issued later this week.

The following link will take you to the webpage where you can find further information on the changes that are being made to the service. On this page you will also find our prepared FAQs which may be useful when responding to questions from residents.

Best Regards,
Georgina Fry, Major Projects, Strategy and Commissioning Manager, Environment, Bournemouth Council