News - Referendum on the UK's membership in the European Union

NEW - Tuesday, 8th March 2016

NEW - Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Email from Matt Pitcher, Head of Electoral Services and Land Charges, Bournemouth Council to Bournemouth Councillors
7th March 2016
Briefing Note for EU Referendum

Dear All,

Further to the announcement by the Prime Minister on the 20 February that there would be a Referendum on the UK's membership in the European Union, we have been having some enquires into our office and thought it may be helpful to provide some further information at this stage of what we do and don't know.

What we know:

Date of Referendum: Thursday 23rd June 2016

Eligible voters: British or Commonwealth, including overseas British electors but not EU nationals living in the UK, this is the same franchise as a UK Parliamentary Election.

Count: Counts are undertaken on local authority boundaries and then feed into a regional lead ours is the South West and Gibraltar our count will be at the Littledown centre on the Thursday night as we are required to start counting as soon as practicable after the close of poll. We expect to announce a result in the early hours on Friday 24th June.

Hours of Poll: 7am - 10pm

Information: Every household should receive a voter information booklet explaining the referendum (these are produced by the Electoral Commission) between the 16th May to 7th June, we will also make some of these available at libraries and they will be downloadable off our webpage's. However, they will not be allowed to be in Poling stations.

Notice of Referendum: This will be published on Tuesday 17th May 2016

The Question: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or Leave the European Union?
Remain a member of the European Union
Leave the European Union

What we don't know yet:

Who the lead campaigners are for the Leave and Remain camps (these will be decided by the Electoral Commission Nationally around the 14th April). This is important as the lead campaign groups have a higher profile in campaigning and receive a higher spending limit and a grant to campaign along with other privileges.

What the turnout or result will be: We are preparing for a high turnout and the results will be available on a local authority and national level.

If you do have any further questions on this please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of the Elections team on 01202 451123 or

Matt Pitcher, Head of Electoral Services and Land Charges - Legal and Democratic