News - Heritage Lottery Grant Stour Valley Barn as a Visitor Destination

NEW - Monday, 27th July 2015

NEW - Monday, 27th July 2015

Email Reply from Ron Whittaker
24th July 2015
RE: Wednesday panel meeting 22nd.


Firstly thank you for the reply to my question from the panel on Wednesday as you say numerous ideas and options which hopefully lead to a heritage lottery fund agreement taking into account many of the past options for Hicks Farm as highlighted in my question.

REASON now for me coming back on my question is on THROOP MILL, Michael's email to me in June did mention together with RSPB and National trust they were looking at investment at not just Hicks but Throop Mill where they were bring parties together in September.

All know how over my long council career I try to secure long term investment in the Listed 2 grade building sadly without any success. Owners asking for a very high price for the building, many many detail reports have been prepared over the years by officers and even outside interest from private parties again nothing happening.

See the watermill at Chrischurch which is owned by Council are seeking individuals or business who wish to engage in discussions on future arrangements. FULLY APPRECIATE WE DON'T OWN THE MILL AT THROOP but it shows with the right investment Throop mill can or should offer a great investment as an important heritage asset in such a prime Stour valley location which could identify a wide range of great suitable uses all so very clearly identified in the South EAST Dorsey Study, also the very detail report prepared by Martin Watts milling specialist in 2008, same time our Sluices gates are also all listed.

Many books have been written on the Mill showing the work [pictures of our Late CIS] who worked the mill for some 52 years.

Whatever happens with our discussions and lottery bid for the master plan I hope my dream will eventually see the Mill play its major part in whatever is planned in the coming years.

Ron Whittaker [FORMER MEMBER 1971 - 2015]

Email Reply from Claire Johnston, Democratic and Overview and Scrutiny Officer, Bournemouth Council
23rd July 2015
RE: Wednesday panel meeting 22nd.

Dear Ron,

Please find below the answer received in response to your question submitted to Councillor Williams. Hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,
Claire Johnston, Democratic and Overview and Scrutiny Officer, Legal and Democratic, Bournemouth Council

Answer to Ron Whittaker's Question

The success of the Heritage Lottery Bid we have had for Stour Valley Barn (in partnership with the RSPB) is a first step in the direction of developing detailed plans for the area including the farms estate.

The Stour Valley Masterplan, which the Council adopted in 2013, sets out numerous ideas and options for the development of this area, however at present these are just ideas. The next eighteen months will allow us to work with the local community, visitors and stakeholders to establish what will work best for the area, for residents, visitors and wildlife. We hope that this preparatory work will lead to the Heritage Lottery Fund agreeing to a much larger bid in the medium term.

Question from Ron Whittaker

Claire wish here please to ask Lawrence the following question paper 10 appendix B.

Am delighted by the heritage lottery grant of some £60,000 for the Stour Valley Barn as a visitor destination which will include toilet provision and hopefully small cafeteria the work done outside the barn in Stour acres by the Stour valley volunteers and our staff is of great credit.

The cabinet members makes comments in working up a larger scale lottery submission for Hicks Farm over many years I have had so much correspondence with officers here none more so in 2008 when the planned worked up outdoor learning and interpretation centre / working farm was cancelled.

Can the cabinet member please give some clearer vision and not please just an aspiration as to what will be include in any submission for the master plan and finally mention was made to me that in the coming discussion in September that attraction interest from RSPB AND National trust to view with investment at Hick farm and THROOP MILL. After some 35 years endless campaigning to seek to get the present owners to see the benfits of such, my hope that we will see this dream come true.

Can I add much of these issues were fully address in 2010 in the then South East Dorset green infrastructure in evidence and opportunities study.

Regards, Ron Whittaker