News - Cycle Routes to Bournemouth Airport

NEW - Thursday, 22nd January 2015

NEW - Thursday, 22nd January 2015

Email Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker
21st January 2014
RE: Cycle Routes to Airport

Having read the report from John Hayter more as it appertains to my area of Throop, as you all know it took a few years and much communications with Dorset County Council to secure the well designed bridge over the weir, now having said that the next step is to improve access from Throop Road as the present access from behind the mill has many problems. None more so for mobility problems and disabled wheelchair persons, this path if one can call it a path has a steep slope and narrow path and at time can be extremely dangerous in icy conditions for all, the chair of the sport forum for disabled wrote a detailed support letter to Bournemouth highlighting these problems.

Now with the long campaign to secure the bridge river crossing from Berry Hill treatment works for all tanker movements which was won by a planning inspectors appeal where Dorset County Council and yes Hurn had objected. The bridge will have abutment which was hopefully the intention to have a parallel crossing for walkers / cyclists BUT due to objections from the riparian owners has so far prevented that completion, but never the less with the agreed 106 funding it is hoped to be diverted to providing a new access path through Hicks Farm from the existing gate in Throop Road to better connect with our BRIDGE CROSSING.

NOW I notice in the report the call or so called scheme to link the existing path from the new bridge to Pigshoot lane, a call I have over the years been calling for, well let's hope this time no more objections from Hurn Parish as many of us remember in 2011 why the plug was pulled on the Pigshoot crossing [Connect 2 bid].

So please can someone give me any up to date details of when and if this scheme will be taken forward with Dorset County Council and Sustrans, and hopefully the landowners will be supportive.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

Email from Bournemouth Cycling Forum
20th January 2015
Cycle Routes to Airport

Hi All,

Following the discussion at the last Cycle Forum meeting John Hayter has produced the attached report outling the Forum's ideas for achievable and safe cycling routes to the Airport.

This will be discussed at the March meeting when we will decide on the next steps. Your comments will be welcome.

With best wishes, Angela