News - Castle Lane West Improvements - Travel Update January 2015

NEW - Monday, 19th January 2015

NEW - Monday, 19th January 2015

Email Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Media Release
19th January 2015
Re: MEDIA RELEASE: Castle Lane West improvements Travel update

Trust as so evident from the many online comments that the existing nearside so called cycle / signal head as now accepted by highways is confusing and in many of the comments not safe, so we now await to see the adjustment to these lights in the interest of cyclist / pedestrian safety and yes motorists.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

Media Release: Castle Lane West Improvements - Travel Update

Improvements to cycling, walking and public transport facilities along Castle Lane West are progressing well as major works to the drainage connections begin this week (Wednesday 21 January).

From Wednesday 21 January three-way temporary traffic lights will be in place at the junction of East Way with Castle Lane West to allow for drainage connections to be completed. It is anticipated that these will be removed early next week. During this time adjustments will also be made to the traffic signals following a monitoring period and feedback from users.

Councillor Michael Filer, Cabinet Member for Transport said, "Keeping the town moving is a top priority for the Council. The works at Castle Lane West form part of our commitment to tackle future congestion. By providing residents and commuters with easier, safer and more attractive sustainable travel options we hope to encourage more people to travel by bike, public transport and walking."

As part of the Castle Lane West improvement scheme a number of changes have been made to the junction of East Way with Castle Lane West, including a new road layout, separated signal controls for right turns, and a new separate signal controlled cycle bypass.

Ian Kalra, Head of Transportation Services said; "We would like to assure commuters and residents that the new layout and signals have been implemented to appropriate safety standards. Signs are in place to make drivers aware of the new road layout as they approach the junction. Following a monitoring period further adjustments are required to reduce confusion for motorists. While the temporary lights are in place we will make changes to the phasing of the East Way/Castle Lane West traffic signals to limit this."

Following the completion of drainage works two-way temporary traffic lights will be in place on Castle Lane West at the approach to Castle Gate Close while SembCorp carry out improvements to the water network.

Works are being co-ordinated to minimise delays, avoid road closures, and limit the impact on those travelling in this area.

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