News - Forthcoming Consultation Yeomans Road

NEW - Monday, 2nd February 2015

NEW - Monday, 2nd February 2015

Email Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker
30th January 2015
RE: Yeomans Road


Thank you for your always well prepared / detailed email, and details of the forthcoming consultation shortly after the local elections with residents and then councillors elected on the 7th May.

And yes please to the maintenance works in the meantime to Yeoman's road, knowing Careys unadopted road which suffers with number of potholes, any improvement also to Mill Road north must be welcome for walkers / cyclists, although a section was resurfaced with tarmac some years ago due to ongoing claims that section running into Cadnam Way.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

Email from Sophia O'Sullivan, Senior Rights of Way Officer to Councillors Anne and Ron
30th January 2015
Yeomans Road

Dear Councillors

Following the most recent round of email conversations and subsequent meetings both with residents, landowners and ourselves, a consensus amongst relevant staff has been reached.

And that is:

A meeting needs to be held with residents, yourselves and the landowner to enable us all to discuss what happens next. As part of this we will explain that this route cannot be looked at in isolation but that all the routes in Throop/Muscliff are considered at the same time. To that end we will be undertaking maintenance work on Yeomans Road just to keep it ticking along.

Yeomans Road Area, Bournemouth

I am looking to undertake a wider consultation with all interested parties for the area in question (the area highlighted in green). I would expect this to happen after the election.

If you have any queries or questions please let me know and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Kind Regards,
Sophia O'Sullivan
Senior Rights of Way Officer, Poole and Bournemouth - Rights of Way Team