News - Changes to 4b Bus Service

NEW - Wednesday, 12th August 2015

NEW - Wednesday, 12th August 2015

Email Reply from Councillor Anne Rey
11th August 2015
RE: Changes to 4b Bus Service

Dear Mr Barnes

Many thanks for this clarification it is appreciated!

I couldn't believe that the bus company would just take the bus out without any communication with the residents / Ward members!

Anne Rey,
Councillor Throop and Muscliff

Email from Richard Barnes, Public and Community Transport Manager Officer, Bournemouth Council to Councillor Anne Rey
11th August 2015
Changes to 4b Bus Service

Dear Councillor Rey

I have been copied into a number of emails about this and it looks like there has been some misunderstandings.

The impression is given that the service is being withdrawn - this is not the case - and travel to Castlepoint, Winton, the station, local facilities in Muscliff and Bournemouth centre will remain generally the same at present. There will not be any need for Muscliff residents to walk to Castle Lane to access bus services.

The change affects direct buses from Muscliff to Bournemouth Hospital which will no longer be possible. I fully accept that having to change buses at Castlepoint to get to the Hospital will be an inconvenience to many, however many residents in Bournemouth do not have a direct bus to the hospital. In this case there are frequent buses from Castlepoint to the hospital accordingly.

To clarify the context of these changes - they are to a commercially provided bus service that the Council has no remit to oppose on any formal or statutory basis.

Please let me know if anything requires clarification.

Thank you
Richard Barnes
Public and Community Transport Manager, Planning, Transport and Regulation, Bournemouth Borough Council