News - Question to the Cabinet Member for Tourism, Leisure and Culture on Decision Taken Under Delegated Powers

NEW - Thursday, 23rd April 2015

NEW - Thursday, 23rd April 2015


Question to the Cabinet Member for Tourism, Leisure and Culture on Decision Taken Under Delegated Powers

Environment and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Panel, 12 March 2015 - Clause 8 - Any other Business - Boscombe Pier

In view of the minute and concerns that have over the years been expressed by myself but more so the minutes and emails appertaining to the Mouchel report of 2012 over the very evident cracking to a number of piles / joints, supporting the pier and as to why it has taken since 2014 to try to get a detail response from then contactor as to their so called survey in 2014, and a year later still awaiting the results, hence with we need to engage in a marine / specialist company who has the expertise to see if any further deterioration has occurred and what action will be needed, my thanks also to my Chair of the panel for his support and the portfolio holder?

Councillor Ron Whittaker

Reply from the Cabinet Member for Tourism, Leisure and Culture: Councillor Lawrence Williams:

As part of the Boscombe Spa regeneration scheme the head of the pier was demolished and a new T section built. This work along with a complete refurbishment of the Pier neck and the listed Pier buildings represented substantial investment and met with the wishes of the local population who were keen to see Boscombe Pier reopened and useable again after many years of decline and closure. After an extensive procurement and selection process Carillion were selected to design and build the new T section.

Once the Pier was reopened and after a short period of time, thorough routine inspection works, Council engineers identified some minor cracking to some of concrete casing that surrounds the steel piles. This was highlighted to Carillion and they were put 'on notice' for the defect while further checks are carried out and an assessment made as to whether the concrete casing is structurally significant.

Since the issue was first identified, the Council has carried out a further underwater survey together with a joint survey with Carillion by boat as part of the planned maintenance regime.

The Council is currently awaiting Carillion's response to the joint survey before deciding on course of action. The pier head was designed with a 50 year design life and there is no indication currently that this is compromised. There is certainly no suggestion the immediate future of the Pier is compromised. However our aim is to ensure the design life is met fully and we will ensure any necessary repairs are completed.

21 April 2015