News - Planning application for the Castlepoint car park rebuild

NEW - Monday, 1st September 2014 // UPDATED - Thursday, 18th December 2014

UPDATED - Thursday, 18th December 2014

Email to Councillor Ron Whittaker from Steve Davies, Principal Planning Officer, Bournemouth Council
15th December 2014
Castlepoint Car Park

Dear Councillor Whittaker,

Apologies for any confusion over Castlepoint but I can confirm that the application has been approved under delegated powers.

Although I appreciate that the whole car park issue has been very protracted and high profile the actual planning issues are pretty non contentious. In fact it could be argued that much of the work to replace what is already there does not need planning permission. I enclose the officers report and you can see that there was only 1 letter of objection and that related to traffic disruption but the following condition was attached as recommended by Transport.

"Prior to the commencement of each development phase a Vehicle Management Plan will submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority for that phase. The plan will cover details of the safe movement of vehicles, including the movement of construction and delivery vehicles into and out of the site and details of the marshalling of public vehicles into and out of the car park.

The plan for each phase shall be implemented as approved for each phase of the clearance and construction process.

Reason: To safeguard the amenities of occupiers of adjoining and nearby properties and in accordance with Policies CS14 and CS38 of the Bournemouth Local Plan: Core Strategy (October 2012)."

Hopefully the contractors can now rectify the car park problems with minimal disruption but please contact Simon Gould if you need any further details about the progress and conditions.

Your sincerely,
Steve Davies,
Principal Planning Officer, Bournemouth Council

NEW - Monday, 1st September 2014

Email to Councillors Anne Rey and Ron Whittaker from the Castlepoint Partnership
28th August 2014
Castlepoint Car Park

Dear Councillors,

I wanted to write on behalf of the Castlepoint partnership to let you know that the planning application for the car park rebuild is being formally submitted very shortly.

For those who were able to attend the 1st July meeting, the plan being submitted is the one that was presented then (and subsequently at the planning meeting at the town hall on 21st July).

For reference please find attached a short statement issued today.

If you have any questions please let me know and we will be happy to provide you with any further details.

Best wishes,
Aimen Chouchane