News - Petanque - 106 From The Broadway Development, Southern Electric Sports Ground

NEW - Wednesday, 30th July 2014 // UPDATED - Monday, 11th August 2014 // UPDATED - Monday, 22nd June 2015

UPDATED - Monday, 22nd June 2015

Anne is also working with interested parties to bring Petanque to Muscliff Park.

We are in the process of obtaining quotes for the building of the terrains and hope that we can apply for funding to obtain the resources for this added facility to the park.

UPDATED - Monday, 11th August 2014

Councillor Anne Rey is trying to get a 5 terrain Petanque area on Muscliff Park, Shillingstone Drive, and needs people to support this project, so that we may be able to apply for funding to get it built.

Petanque is a more relaxing sport than bowls and is a good way to meet people and do some exercise at the same time!

If you would like to help please contact Cllr Anne Rey on 01202 538068 / Mob 07973 814382

NEW - Wednesday, 30th July 2014

Email Reply from Michael Rowland - Parks Development Manager, Bournemouth Parks - Bournemouth Borough Council
30th July 2014

Dear Cllr Ron and Cllr Anne,

If we get the full ~30k from this development our policy states we should put approximately half of this money towards play facilities, this can mean anything that improves local playgrounds in line with our playground strategy. As Muscliff Park was one of the playgrounds that had reduced investment due to the cut in Year II Playbuilder funds this would seem the logical choice, but we are open to looking at anything local that would meet the playground strategy needs here.

Around one third of the funds should be directed towards sports facilities, in line with our recently adopted sports strategies. Locally identified need in Throop Muscliff would possibly be improvement of ball courts, but could include petanque as a non-traditional sport if we can prove local demand. This is something we'd need to be confident about, as developers can come back to us and challenge where we spent money and whether we had identified a local need based on an assessment. If we can't demonstrate this they can take legal action to request the money back.

Around 10% of the total contribution funds go to amenity improvements - this is a catch all, but generally refers to things like paths, lights, welcome signs, cafes, toilets etc... and could include petanque.

There is some overlap across these categories.

I think it's important that clubs/groups show the willingness to fundraise for such facilities too, this helps us to identify how serious they are about using the facilities. An example of this would be Iford BMX, where the Council put CAF funds into a new start ramp, but the club also raised several thousand pounds. Fundraisers can be anything from organising an event or raffle, through to writing a grant bid to the lottery or a local grant giving trust (e.g. Talbot Village Trust etc.).

Let's see what the cost of a five rink terrain is, find out some figures on local demand and then we can start looking at how something might be funded.

I hope this helps.

Michael Rowland,
Parks Development Manager, Bournemouth Parks - Bournemouth Borough Council

Email from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Andrew England, Planning, Bournemouth Council
30th July 2014


With near completion of some 30 houses on the above site, my email is seeking to find out the 106 contribution this development has made towards local facilities, we have very little over years in 106, so yes other areas like the cliff top areas / town centre have gained from such contributions.

Appreciate things are changing shortly to CIL, which is going to be heaven for developers, never the less as present this development should have raised something like £30k, 1000 per house, I and my ward colleague Cllr Anne want to ensure a big chunk of this monies remain in Muscliff, so the Muscliff team headed up by volunteers, have met with Michael Rowland and the Portfolio holder for Leisure. To seek support for funds towards MUSCLIFF PARK for a 5 terrain [PETANQUE]. Estimated cost around £15k plus.

Also looking at the planning application approved for 11 willow mead, any contribution from that could go toward helping to provide the path through Hicks Farm as at present no funds are forthcoming.

Also Council approved last night £1 million towards important town infrastructure improvement, this was questioned by Cllr Roger West, it was made clear in does not necessary mean the town centre. So here again outer town areas are in need of some final contributions toward improving those areas I have mentioned by either 106 or a SMALL contribution from this £1 Million. Am sure the Leader will be very sympathetic to our very simple request.

Councillor Ron Whittaker