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NEW - Tuesday, 14th January 2014

NEW - Tuesday, 14th January 2014

E-mail Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker
12th January 2014
RE: Castle Lane West - Draft Proposals


Thank you for your detailed email, firstly welcome your adjustment to retaining two lanes at East Way as raised by Cllr Trickett.

Think once these proposals are so advertised regarding the reduced movements around Broadway roundabout it will itself generate some debate, you mention revisiting both Cllrs Anne and Derek plus my concern regarding the deletion of the two lane approach in Broadway Lane to the roundabout, you say to carrying out a further investigation. To me that means just one thing!!!!

As I understand it this matter is being raised at the TMSTH Area Forum meeting on the 27th Feb, hence having plans for display at the meeting.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Bob Askew, LSTF Programme Manager, Planning and Transport, Bournemouth Council to Bournemouth Councillors
10th January 2014
Castle Lane West - Draft Proposals

Dear Councillors

Hope you had a good New Year

Many thanks for taking the time to come along to the Ward Member meeting to review the proposed Castle Lane West cycle scheme. Since the meeting we have taken away and reviewed the issues raised and looked at how we can accommodate these were possible. As such, we have held further site visits to ensure that any modifications are achievable. We have also held a meeting with the Head of the Bournemouth School for Girls to ensure that we understand operational issues in and around the school site which is immediately adjacent to the proposals and that these have also been considered.

This has resulted in revised draft proposals to include the following adjustments:

  • Creation of bus lay-by on Castle Lane West to the east of Castle Gate Close to remove the potential conflict between cyclists and bus users, as raised, in the meeting.
  • Modified the design at the junction of Castle Gate Close with Castle Lane West to improve pedestrian safety by reducing crossing widths and address concerns raised by the school.
  • Retention of two lanes on Eastway.

With regards to the Broadway Roundabout, as discussed at the meeting the current arrangements were implemented as part of the Co-op development planning consent with the larger island being provided on Broadway Lane to improve safety particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. These modifications would appear to have resulted in road safety improvements being achieved at this location. Since these improvements were implemented no accidents have been recorded, whilst three accidents were recorded immediately adjacent to the Broadway Lane arm of the roundabout prior to the changes.

With regards to the impact this has on traffic flow, based on a number of onsite visits / surveys and the results of a video survey it would appear that at the time of these surveys that there were no significant issues caused by queuing cars on Broadway Lane to justify, at this stage, the reinstatement of the informal two lane approach to the roundabout. However, given the very strong concerns raised, it has been decided to revisit the Broadway Roundabout elements of the scheme with a view to carrying out further investigations. Any modifications of the Broadway roundabout will now be implemented separately and at a later stage from the Castle Lane West Cycle Lanes and Eastway junction improvements.

With regards to the revised drawings these are currently being prepared and will be available in the near future, further to technical sign off and further consultation with Cllr Filer.

If you require any further information please contact either myself or Dave Parke (Project Engineer), contact details below.

Dave Parke, Senior Engineer, Planning and Transport - e-mail:

Many thanks,
Bob Askew, LSTF Programme Manager, Planning and Transport, Bournemouth Council