News - Bournemouth Bowls Clubs final stage of lease negotiations

NEW - Friday, 29th November 2013

NEW - Friday, 29th November 2013

E-mail from Contract Manager, Housing, Parks and Bereavement Services, Bournemouth Parks to Bournemouth Councillors
28th November 2013
Bournemouth Bowls Clubs

Dear Councillors,

Parks have been involved in negotiations with each bowls club and their umbrella organisation since 2010 to enter into new 21 year leases with each of the Council owned bowls sites in Bournemouth. The new leases include more responsibilities for the bowls clubs as part of the required Parks budget savings; this includes clubs paying for the bowling green maintenance. The Clubs and the Council have been operating under the general terms of the new lease since 2011 and now we are at the final stage of lease negotiations with the aim of signing the leases early next year.

The leases will be for the pavilion and bowling green's only, with the same level of public access as at present. The Council (or other tenants) will remain responsible for the other areas at each Parks site. As each lease will be for 21 years we are obliged to advertise it as a disposal of Public Open Space, (please note we will still remain the land owner). A longer lease allows the clubs to have the security for them to obtain additional investment over the longer term. Please note there will be no noticeable change in the day to day situation within the Parks.

Some of you will not have a bowling green in your ward but club members come from all areas of Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. May I ask for any comments before we advertise this disposal in the local press. Past experience has shown you may get queries from your ward over the press notice; the key points are we are not selling the asset only leasing it to the resident bowls clubs and there should be no significant changes to the facilities.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this matter.

Contract Manager, Housing, Parks and Bereavement Services, Bournemouth Parks