News - Grass Cutting in the Throop and Muscliff area

NEW - 19th June 2013

NEW - 19th June 2013

We have received complaints regarding the length of the grass in several areas of the ward.

Below is the response from Andy McDonald from the Parks Department at Bournemouth Borough Council to these complaints.

E-mail from Andy McDonald, Parks Service Delivery Manager, Bournemouth Council to Councillor Anne Rey
19th June 2013
Re: Grass Cutting

Dear Councillor Rey

We are currently experiencing our annual flush of grass growth, something we have been waiting for since April. It appears we are having another unpredictable season. We currently have all our grass cutting teams in full operation across the entire borough and have authorised overtime to extend the cutting day and into the weekend. We are currently running about a week behind on our planned cutting schedules, hence we are receiving complaints just prior to many areas receiving their scheduled cuts. The rapid growth being experienced thus makes many areas appear that we have not been grass cutting. Can I assure you that all grass cutting teams have been operating since April achieving cuts on a three week cycle.

During these periods we have to priorities our grass cutting works, which in practice this means we have to keep the gang mowers and ride-on-mowers cutting full-time just to keep on top of the main grass cutting areas i.e. playing fields, highways verges, estates etc. This means that the back-up work (strimming) is often running behind the main grass cutting teams as this is the by some considerable margin the slowest part of the whole process. Again the authorised additional works time is designed to allow the teams to catch up in this particular area.

I am therefore confident we will catch up on our normal schedules in the near future and resume normal service standards.

Andy McDonald,
Parks Service Delivery Manager,
Housing, Parks and Bereavement Services,
Bournemouth Council