News - Overgrown Throop Mill

NEW - 2nd July 2013 // UPDATED - 12th August 2013

UPDATED - 12th August 2013

E-mail Reply from Councillor Ron Whittaker
11th August 2013
RE: Overgrown Throop Mill Photos


Yes one can only be extremely disappointed by your reply, all one was asking is to bring our concerns to the owners of the building, and to find out if as yet any plans for the building, we know this young 15 year old lad has been trying through whoever to get interest taken by what we have been told a major organisation, but details as we know are not being made available, but in the mean time I am the one that continues to receive endless emails / complaints regarding the general state of this listed building, and it does seem to me no one is really interested or even listening to anything one says, angry you bet I am.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Nigel Billett, Principal Enforcement Officer, Bournemouth Borough Council to Councillor Ron Whittaker
31st July 2013
RE: Overgrown Throop Mill Photos

Dear Councillor Whittaker

I have today visited Throop Mill and have had a good look at all four external elevations. To be frank there is nothing that warrants further action by the Council as Local Planning Authority at the present time. The boarding covering the window on the front elevation shown in your photograph has been removed and the window appears to be intact and secure. Whilst I accept that there is a single loose board on the underside of the sack lift dormer this is not affecting the visual amenity of the area and is not allowing water to enter the building causing irreparable damage. Vegetation is growing up the frontage of the building but in this rural location it is not affecting visual amenity of the area and as far as I can ascertain is not damaging the brickwork, mortar or woodwork.

In the circumstances I regret that I am unable to take any further action in response to your request to write to the owners of the Mill requesting works to be carried out.

Kind Regards,
Nigel Billett,
Principal Enforcement Officer, Planning, Transport and Regulation, Bournemouth Borough Council

NEW - 2nd July 2013

Photos of the Mill

A request has been made to ask our enforcement officer to visit to see for himself the need for owners to take action to clear the overgrowth and carry out repairs to the board up window, also officers since meeting last year what IF any plans the owners have for this former Mill, a valuable asset which could be put to so much better use in the community.

From: Councillor Ronald Whittaker

Overgrown Throop Mill 1
Overgrown Throop Mill 2
UPDATED - 12th August 2013

E-mail from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Nigel Billett, Principal Enforcement Officer, Bournemouth Borough Council
26th June 2013
RE: Overgrown Throop Mill Photos


Having taken two more photos of the Mill over the week-end, which shows very clearly the endless growth of vegetation taking place, and the boarded up window, plus signs of need to carry out some repairs to the sack lift dormer [underneath], and yes the rear state to the rear of the building.

As we know we have had numerous ongoing email on this grade 2 listed Mill, and being told that talks with major organisation/company/individual which have shown significant interest in purchasing the mill. Which told that the owners indicated a selling price of £600,000, and further then told if the purchase goes through will see "traffic become heavier", all of this come from this young lad who is collecting a petition, but one is unable as told to find out any detail of interest and then told as you know "why would talks have to take place with planners. The exterior of the building is likely to be unchanged, therefore told the councils opinion is irrelevant on private property", this are not my words but that of this young lad.

I fully appreciate that I could never get this authority to consider a compulsory purchase order, but the owner has as we all know responsibility for its upkeep, in 2006 we had a very detailed report on the state of Throop Mill and a letter one of many to the Owners pointing out a number of concerns, without bringing this up again to the board will it please be possible for officers to have a look and once again a letter asking if the vegetation could be cleared away from the building and repairs to the boarded up window plus action to clean up the rear section of the building, and if as yet has the owners any real plans for its long term future use.

Frankly I am at my wits end on this matter after some 33 years.

Councillor Ron Whittaker