News - Muscliffe Traffic Calming, Bournemouth

NEW - 8th April 2013 // UPDATED - 19th April 2013 // UPDATED - 2nd October 2013

UPDATED - 2nd October 2013


Mini Roundabout Sandringham Gardens and Shillingstone Drive, Muscliff Bournemouth

Mini Roundabout Sandringham Gardens and Shillingstone Drive

Yesterday at a meeting with our Cabinet Member and John Satchwell and Ian Kalra over the issue of consultation on the four options to deal with the issue of the Shillingstone Drive 20 mile zone, both Cllr Anne Rey, Derek Borthwick and myself agree to make from our individual Local Improvement Fund a contribution towards the works of £500 each toward the overall package to remove the existing roundabout which will then see the carriageway resurfaced, new road markings and a flat top hump installed [option 4]. Other options included removing roundabout and installing speed cushions or enhancing existing roundabout/increasing size of and doming of the central island both these received 7 responses to each with our choice of the flat top hump with 11 responses, all together out of 53 properties, 31 replies, with some 22 residents not taking part.

This was after ALL 53 residents in both Sandringham Gardens and Close had been consulted which lead surprisingly to a mixed response in replies on all four options, option 4 will now formally be advertised in the normal way in the coming months.

Both Cllr Anne and Derek like myself felt that most residents in Muscliff would certainly not agree to any further speed cushion being applied in any part now of Muscliffe lane.

Cllr Ron Whittaker

UPDATED - 19th April 2013

Further information on this news item can be found here - Works Update Shillingstone Drive / Muscliffe Lane 20mph Zone

NEW - 8th April 2013

E-mail from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Councillor Michael Filer
7th April 2013
Traffic Calming Measures, Muscliffe Lane and Shillingstone Dr


Having yet again spending week-ends receiving emails from residents over certain aspects of the traffic calming measures, again Sunday been on site, it is around the mini white markings Roundabout at the junction of Sandringham Gardens, which is a no through road that is causing much of the present attention of concern, temporary signs say "give way" on both approaches, NOT SO from my hour watching traffic movements this morning.

Vehicle entering / leaving Sandringham Gardens did not have priority as one can witness, no vehicle slowed down on the approach to give way, and frankly I can see an accident when school returns next week 15th.

The existing publication that still shows on the lamp column is misleading as it shows the former proposals, not the existing one, it shows the speed cushions and just the one build out for a pedestrian crossing point, the cushions were deleted, and the mini roundabout added, including the section build-outs at Granby Road junction with the brick pillars.

So we have now two build-outs on the approach to Sandringham Gardens with a further build-out pass Shillingstone for children/parents to cross, this is far enough for a speed reduction measure with the red marking zone for 20 in place.

Michael talking with Anne, we feel in the interest now of road safety it was a mistake to include the mini roundabout as it is NOT ACHIEVING ANYTHING THAT ADDS TO SPEED REDUCTION. IT ADDS TO THE POTENTIAL OF A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT, therefore we request that the mine white marking be burnt off urgently, and the return of the middle red markings that was put in many years ago to prevent overtaking, and YES IT WORKED, NO NEED THEN FOR A SPEED CUSTION TO REPLACE AS WE HAVE TWO BUILD-OUTS ON THE APPROACH TO SANDRINGHAM GARDENS, with a further one at the junction with Shillingstone Drive.

Finally our ongoing issue over the raised table at Tolpuddle Gardens, again today watching residents crossing, or have to say trying to cross, NOT ONE VEHICLE GAVE WAY, so my request is for the placing of a similar yellow sign that highway provide as a fixture at Castle Lane West to the crossing point from the CO-OP, works well, PEDSETRIAN CROSSING POINT.

Hoping with your approval it might prevent deputations either to council of panel, again thank you Michael, all this has been my worse ever time on this council.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Ian Kalra, Transportation Services Manager, Bournemouth Council
6th April 2013
Muscliffe 20 Mile Zone, and other associated works


Further here to my email on Friday, yes Saturday checked out Muscliffe Lane and what a surprise, or should I say NOT SUPRISED. The assurances given on Friday that a Road Sweeper would be deployed to remove / clean the debris, material in the rural section of the lane never happened, can one imagine this happening in the town centre, you bet not.

Same time the promise as mention in my Fridays email regarding the Red Colour surfacing, which you said would be laid on Friday. No, both the pedestrian crossing points, Muscliffe Lane and raised Table Shillingstone Drive still remain with BLACK SURFACE, plans approved show "red coloured surface strip to emphasize pedestrian crossing point", Muscliffe Lane shows "imprint carriageway surfacing dressing" also the need very clearly to provide the same coloured dressing surface on where the then REFUGE WAS REMOVED AND NOW REPLCED BY ROAD NARROWING FEATURE / BUILD OUT AND PEDESTRIAN CROSSING FACILITY, this one will be well used by parents / children attending Epiphany primary.

One noticed on Friday that the contractors were laying the red colour dressing at the JUNCTION WITH STRATTON ROAD AND SHILLINGSTONE DRIVE, with a 20 mile zone mark, BUT THE 30 MILE SIGN STILL REMAINS, not very forward thinking here, SO WHY WERE THE CONTRACTORS CARRYING OUT THE COLOURED DRESSING WITHOUT COMPLETING THE OTHER OUTSTANDING WORKS.

Frankly this whole episode has turned out one HELL OF A LOCAL NIGHTMARE, a five week contract, running now into NINE WEEKS. IMPRESSED FAR FROM IT.

Councillor Ron Whittaker