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NEW - 18th July 2012

NEW - 18th July 2012

E-mail from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Peter Atfield - Goadsby
15th July 2012
Manse Photos

Manse Overgrown Graveyard 1, Throop, Bournemouth

Photo(s) of the overgrown graveyard.


In May 2010 from the executive officer of Wessex Trust said to me about then the press coverage regarding the Church and Manse, and openly advertising the vulnerability of their two buildings, sadly the same remains today, only now these building are in an extremely poor state of repair. I know that so called pre-application discussions are been held with planners, but my purpose is regarding the real anger and upset that how the trust have allowed these two listed and beautiful building to come to, more so when in 2010 three separate churches had shown interest, one being the Coptic Orthodox church, again only a few mouths ago Nader Francis again made contact with me, and as you know all details have been passed on to you. Nader Francis has also on numerous occasions rang the number but as I am aware no one ever returns the calls.

As you can see from the five photos taken today by a resident who I met on sites, being my weekly check around the two buildings, that the graveyard is now in one hell of an overgrown state, it is so very upsetting for any families who still live within the village to see how the trust has totally neglected the graveyard which contains graves representing war dead, also up to a few mouths ago, Denis Whitley who for some years came down from Romsey one/twice a mouth to mow/cut the whole rear of the church yard grass area, all voluntarily, [his father and brother are buried in the church yard], sadly due to his wife in hospital and Denis's age he was finding such work becoming harder.

I know our officers did write to Stuart Maclean regarding the increasing overgrown state of the grounds, including the Manse, again nothing happened, all of this is making residents of the village extremely upset that a religious organisation can allow two wonderful buildings to become an appalling state but more so the graves which contain headstone of children in the early century.

As I have made clear this email is not about any issue regarding a pre-application or whatever it is about, but the general deterioration of the front and rear church yard. Having represented Throop now for 41 years plus I am totally disgusted that any Church authority can allow this.

I am aware that the trust has some 13 directors, two living locally, are they really aware of the state of the buildings but more so the graves.


Councillor Ron Whittaker

Manse Overgrown Graveyard 2, Throop, Bournemouth
Manse Overgrown Graveyard 3, Throop, Bournemouth
Manse Overgrown Graveyard 4, Throop, Bournemouth
Manse Overgrown Graveyard 5, Throop, Bournemouth