News - Throop Road and Muscliffe Lane Road Surface Issues

NEW - 1st February 2012

E-mail Response from Councillor Ron Whittaker
31st January 2012
RE: Throop road and Muscliffe lane road surface issues


Thank you for your very detail email, as to the Velocity Patcher, yes fully agree we must wait for the improvements to weather conditions, mean time i expect relevant marking will be in place when the works are carried out, naturally i know you will let me know when it is planned to bring the vehicle into the area,Also the need as you say to ensure the edging of the banks/ditches to allow the repairs as this is where much of the existing carriageway is breaking up.

As to Muscliffe Lane [Urban section], Ian over the past 25 plus years i get the same old answer, "Next financial year and programming", naturally one fully appreciates all of this, but a time comes when Muscliffe Lane must be brought forward for these surfacing works, think your comments now make that case for Muscliffe lane.

Ian yes more than happy to arrange for us to meet on site, if you can throw a few dates, again many thanks.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

E-mail from Ian Kalra, Transportation Services Manager, Bournemouth Council to Councillor Ron Whittaker
30th January 2012
RE: Throop road and Muscliffe lane road surface issues

Dear Councillor Whittaker,

I apologise for the delay in this response.

With regard to the rural section of Muscliffe Lane (as well as Throop Road) Larry Austin's team are programming for the Velocity Patcher, that was used successfully last year, to carry out further road repairs to potholes as well as areas of deterioration along the carriageway edges. He advises me that for a successful outcome the temperature needs to be higher than at present and so he is intending to carry out the work as soon as weather conditions allow.

His teams will also look into the drainage issues to which you refer. There is no easy answer to this, although any ditches that are silted-up or overgrown will be cleared.

One of my staff has carried out a new visual condition survey of the urban section of Muscliffe Lane and found the following issues:

  • - The road surface is deformed in the section of Muscliffe Lane immediately leading up to the Castle Lane junction.
  • - The next section up to Cox Avenue has many Utility reinstatements. In particular there is a large drainage trench near the centre of the road.
  • - There is superficial surface cracking on one side of the road on the section of Muscliffe Lane between Cox Avenue and Shillingstone Drive.

As I said to you when we met recently, our Road Rescue programme over the last eighteen months has concentrated on roads and footways where Larry's teams are having to constantly spend time and money filling potholes. The main thrust of Road Rescue was of course to raise the condition of roads generally but importantly was specifically focussed in a way to reduce highway maintenance costs into the future. Funding has also been used to resurface key main roads which had severe structural cracking.

I haven't been informed yet as to whether there will definately be additional corporate funding for Road Rescue moving into the next financial year (2012/13). As soon as I know the total budgets available we will be in a position to programme our resurfacing schemes for next financial year and beyond. Muscliffe Lane will then compete with other such roads for inclusion in these programmes although I do recognise that you have made requests for resurfacing over many years.

I will keep you informed as our programmes develop.

If you would like to meet me on site at Muscliffe Lane at any time to discuss this I would be very pleased to do so.

Kind regards,