News - Berry Hill New Access Road Application for Planning Permission, Bournemouth

NEW - 5th December 2012 // UPDATED - 10th December 2012 // UPDATED - 15th April 2013 // UPDATED - 26th September 2013

UPDATED - 26th September 2013

Berry Hill planning application, new access road and bridge over the river Stour from the sludge Treatment Centre.

Berry Hill Map New Access Road Plan

On Monday 23rd September the planning board had a detailed report regarding the application by Wessex Water to approve a new access road in the northern corner of the existing sludge treatment centre to the B3073 Parley Lane, the access road will cross the River Stour and involves the construction of a new bridge.

This bridge will remove the large 12 wheel sludge tankers away from using Broadway Lane through the Village of Throop, which has resulted in daily trips of average 30 coming from all parts of Dorset and Hampshire IE, Weymouth. Fordingbridge / Christchurch and other treatment centres which over so many years has been the source of complaints. In 2009 we were successful in bring a motion to full council requesting Wessex Water to invest / look at alternative solutions.

Hence over the four year period much detailed work has gone on eventually in this application.

This new access will be for Wessex Water Tankers, same time the company have undertaken to support funding for a possible public right of way, be it at Berry hill or funding towards the paths from the new Weir Bridge that could then improve the link into Pig-Shoot Lane. We now have to wait for Dorset County Council planning section to determine their section of the new road which they tell us it won't be until November.

For all the detailed information please read the planning officers report.

Cllrs Ron and Anne

UPDATED - 15th April 2013

Photos of 12 Wheel Sludge Tankers

Shots of the 12 wheel sludge tankers going through Broadway Lane. Throop Village, awaiting the officers report and recommendation to the planning board.

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker 1

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker 2

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker 3

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker 4

12 Wheel Sludge Tanker

E-mail from Councillor Ron Whittaker to Steve Davis, Principal Planning Officer, Bournemouth Council
11th April 2013
Sludge Tanker Photos


Yesterday was behind the Wessex Water 12 wheeled sludge tanker, see my two other photos, these were taken whilst both Primaries are on holiday so little in the way of parking in Broadway Lane, but next week with schools back that when the road conditions are at its worse, as you can see these tankers take up much of the road going into the village. We need a decision as soon as possible on the application. Otherwise it will I know be an appeal situation, Christchurch and Dorset County Council object, yes they are happy for Bournemouth to take some 50 percent of the sludge from Christchurch treatment works, like Weymouth, and other plants in Dorset using our roads. We need this bridge crossing to relieve the endless flow of some 30 plus tankers per day through the conservation village of Throop.

Not heard any more from Wessex Water.

Councillor Ron Whittaker

UPDATED - 10th December 2012
NEW - 5th December 2012

Application for Planning Permission Details

The attachment is the site notice now being displayed regarding the application for the new bridge river crossing, it is by Wessex Water, purpose is to remove these large 12 wheel sludge tankers away from Broadway Lane and Throop Village. We are hoping that the School can make written presentations in support, Cllrs Anne and Ron are requesting residents to go online / or write to the Council before the 28th December 2012 quoting the site application number, Head of Planning Services, Stephens Road, Bournemouth BH2 6EB. This is now our one chance of improving the environment by alleviating much of the daily heavy traffic from Broadway Lane and Throop Village which takes sludge tankers from Christchurch / Weymouth and other treatment works into Berry Hill, some 30 Large tankers arrive daily.

This new Bailey type of bridge and access road will cross the river to the north from the treatment works with access via Parley Lane, the new road will be dedicated to Wessex Water traffic only but the bridge has so been designed to allow for a future footpath / cycleway by Bournemouth if funds ever become available for such provision.

Councillor Ron Whittaker and Councillor Anne Rey